Why Cruz Amaral & Dias?

10 reasons chosen by our customers


Our team of multidisciplinary professionals aims to
continuously search for results for our clients.


We have litigated and resolved disputes rejections for our clients.

Our Innovations

We created Neoideas: a true laboratory that takes us back to “incubation”. Our environment, in the office, and even outside, encourages the proposition of ideas. Pleasant surprises came in these 10 years with the creation and development of ideas that we were able to implement, either with the collaborative intention with the society in which we live, seeking better the ecosystem, or with the emergence of new businesses that improved our legal performance.

What we do

Safety, constant and responsible communication, problem prevention and making ideas and business viable are our operating mottos. With them, we seek to build long-term relationships that allow us to deeply understand the business profile and values ​​of our clients. We have listed our areas of expertise below and grouped them into two categories: neocredit and neobusiness.


Social Responsability

Neolaw. is an office that guides its work by the values ​​of quality, team spirit, customer focus, independence and innovation.

We believe that, as intermediate lawyers are mandatory in accessing justice, we have added responsibilities, essential to an effective exercise of citizenship. In this context, Neolaw. has been collaborating with Social Economy entities, namely through the provision of legal advisory services on a pro bono basis for non-economic institutions.