Creation of the Brazilian Insolvency Institute (IBAJUD)

After a class taught about Recovery and Bankruptcy for the firm’s lawyers and one of its clients present, Rosely Cruz (founding partner of neolaw.), together with the speaker and partner of her client, launched the idea of ​​creating an institute in order to improve the insolvency ecosystem in Brazil with positive results for everyone involved in these types of processes.
IBAJUD is an organization formed in the form of an association, with no economic ends, which aims to promote continuous improvement in the area of ​​Insolvency, through various initiatives, such as: congresses, seminars, debates, training courses and retraining of Insolvency Agents, performance metrics, covenants, working groups and all efforts that improve the environment for the judicial provision of Judicial Recovery, Bankruptcy and Intervention and Liquidation of Financial Institutions.
This was achieved by Rosely Cruz who founded it, she was a former President and today is a Director. During her position as President, the book was published, II International Congress on Business Insolvency – IBAJUD – which includes the preface by the Ministers of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), Paulo Dias de Moura Ribeiro and Paulo de Tarsio Sanseverino.