neolaw. is known as one of the main law firms in Brazil. Each of our practice areas is highly regarded, and our lawyers are recognized for their commitment to representing the interests of our clients. Throughout our history, we have played a central role in the development of how the law is practiced, how lawyers are trained and how business risk is managed. It is what we call neolaw. philosophy. and how our office is known. We practice law with innovation and we believe that entrepreneurship is the engine of the economy for generating business. We tirelessly seek the success of our customers with simple, practical, viable and transparent solutions.

Our goal is to be the clients’ preferred company when it comes to the most challenging legal issues, the most significant business transactions, and the most critical disputes. Our customers’ success is our success!


To be the clients’ preferred company when it comes to the most challenging legal issues, the most significant business transactions, and the most critical disputes. Our customers’ success is our success!


Would you like to know more about us? Our founder Rosely Cruz, featured in the prestigious English ranking The Legal 500, she tells more about our trajectory and our philosophy, click and check out the interview.



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Having the neolaw philosophy. and track record with extensive recognition in the most respected international directories, presenting a leadership position.

 Our lawyers have won more than 5,000 cases in 10 years.

 We have recovered more than R$ 1 billion for our clients in 10 years.

We are business lawyers with practical, viable and transparent solutions.

We are highly prepared professionals, with long experience in their respective areas of expertise, and in sustained academic retraining, so that we are always updated in the face of changes in law.

Our team is multidisciplinary and interacts with each other.

Flexible fees and appropriate to your case.

We are here – 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year with a focus on active communication and practically in real time with online meetings, WhatsApp / Telegram groups and in person.


we do

Safety, constant and responsible communication, problem prevention and the feasibility of ideas and business are our mottoes of acting. In line with them, we seek to build long-term relationships that allow us to deeply understand the business profile and values ​​of our customers. We have listed our areas of activity below and grouped into two categories: neocredit and neobusiness.


Our performance in the impaired loans market has two main objectives: to ensure that our customers are secure in making investments in credit rights and, on the other hand, to enable our customers really receive the credits they own.

In order to guarantee security in this type of negotiation, we specialize in carrying out prior diligences on credit rights, in which we deeply analyze the assets and their specificities, whereby we present our legal opinion and, even, we can assist in the operation pricing.

In the practical part of the realization of credit rights, to make sure that our clients realize their credits, we have a complete performance, which includes extrajudicial negotiations, carried out by a team of professional negotiators, equity research and the conduct of all types of  legal proceedings

The civil litigation area, with an emphasis on credit recovery,  it has extensive experience in all different legal proceedings, providing full assistance to our clients, defending, protecting and enforcing their rights in any degree of jurisdiction, always guiding us in the excellence of our clients services provided.


We work to provide integrated legal solutions for your business. We provide integrated advice in the corporate, contractual, tax and labor areas so that the company, its partners and partners, can have greater assertiveness and legal certainty in their operations. Our solutions can serve our clients in the phase of attracting or making investments, managing legal routines, corporate reorganizations and, also, leaving the investor. The areas of tax and labor litigation have extensive activities in the Courts, having obtained important results for maximizing credits or reducing liabilities. In addition, we have a strong presence in Digital Law, Governance and Compliance, Outsourcing and Intellectual Property.


we are

Our team of multidisciplinary professionals aims to continuously search results for our clients. Our Team interacts with each other, this affords a deeper analysis of each project, allowing flexible solutions and 100% according to the needs of each client.

The partners

Rosely Cruz

Founding partner and managing partner of neolaw.

She has specialized knowledge in the innovation, technology, e-commerce, seed capital and venture capital markets. She also operates in judicial recovery, acquisition, management and sale of stressed assets, as well as structuring funding operations. Highlight for her recognition in different opportunities by the Legal Directories: The Legal 500 and Análise Advocacia as “the most admired lawyer”. She is the founder and ex-president of Ibajud (Instituto Brasileiro de Insolvência/Brazilian Insolvency Institute), founder of LENT (Laboratório de Empresas Nascentes /Laboratory of Emerging Companies – FGV Direito/Law), and former Legal Vice President of Buscapé Company. She is a specialist in Civil Procedure and Electronic Law at FGV. Rosely is a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor of lawtechs, GoLaw Information Technology and Deep Legal, in addition to the company ClickSign. She has 3 published books: II Congresso Internacional de Insolvência Empresarial- IBAJUD – with the preface by the Ministers of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), Paulo Dias de Moura Ribeiro and Paulo de Tarsio Sanseverino; Empreendedores por Natureza, volume I; and Empreendedoras por Natureza Portuguese version. We also mention that it serves the Lisbon branch with operations in real estate projects across Portugal and also in the United States.


Caio Gregolin


Caio Gregolin has worked in the Civil Litigation area since 2007. In 2011,  already at neolaw., He became head of specialized area in Credit Recovery, achieving significant results. Graduated in Law from FMU, he attended postgraduate studies in Civil and Business Law at Damásio de Jesus University, with a course in Commercial Insolvency and English Law, at Oxford University, in the United Kingdom, and Judicial Recovery and Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods. in the USA, given by California Western School of Law – San Diego / USA.


Raquel Amaral


Raquel do Amaral Santos has a law degree from Mackenzie and a Master’s degree in tax law from PUC / SP. Her specialization and endless dedication to this legal area was fundamental to her choice, in 2014, as responsible for the areas of Tax, Corporate and Labor Law within neolaw .. Previously, she worked both in important law firms and in large companies. Having her recognition in different opportunities by The Legal 500.


Mario Barrella


Mario Barrella holds a law degree from Universidade Paulista – UNIP, a postgraduate degree in Business Law from Escola Paulista da Magistratura and a postgraduate degree in Civil Law from PUC-MG. He started practicing law in 2006, having acted in lawsuits of national repercussion and with significant economic value involved. In 2015, he joined the Cruz Neolaw law firm. where he works in the specialized of ​​credit recovery area.


Mateus Adriano


Mateus Adriano de Jesus has a degree from PUC / SP, as well as a post-graduate degree in Civil Procedure from FGV. He has experience in strategic Civil Litigation for more than 10, and since 2016 he has been practicing at neolaw, coordinating portfolios focused on asset recovery, always outlining judicial and extrajudicial strategies that provide the best and quickest result to the client. He appears as a frequent participant in Business Insolvency Congresses.


Douglas Vilela


Douglas Vilela has a law degree from Centro Universitário Fundação de Ensino Octávio Bastos (UNFEOB) and a postgraduate degree in Civil Law from Pontificia Universidade Católica of Minas Gerais (PUC / MG). He started practicing law in 2007, having worked in the areas of Criminal Law, Consumer Law and Educational Law. In 2014 he joined the neolaw. teamwork, where he works in the area of ​​General Civil Litigation and in the specialized area of ​​credit recovery. Participated in the 1st Luso-Brazilian Congress on Insolvency Law, held by the Brazilian Insolvency Institute (Instituto Brasileiro da Insolvência – IBAJUD), in the Law Course at the University of Lisbon, Portugal.


Paulo Pertusi


Paulo Pertusi has a law degree from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, studied LL.M in Corporate Law at Insper – Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa, specializes in corporate and contractual areas, he works with foreign and Brazilian clients, assisting them in setting up business companies, limited liability or joint stock companies, as well as corporate and business reorganizations, purchase and sale of companies, incorporation processes and their implementation, preparation of the Partners Agreement, and review of contracts in general.


Mayara Gallego


Mayara Gallego de Moura has a licentiate in Law by Universidade Cidade de São Paulo – UNICID, a specialist in Civil Procedure from PUC-SP and she is currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in Business Law from Fundação Getúlio Vargas – FGV. She has worked in Civil Litigation at neolaw since 2018.